Sufi Saint School


"I am planting a tree which I hope will have flowers of different colours in future"

Sufi Saint School -

Inam Hassan relates: “In 1990, when the riots between Muslims and Hindus in India reached their peak, I knew that I had to get up and do something. I had the vision of a school which could prevent the reoccurrence of violence and misery, a school which is a loving and harmonious place and where children learn respect for others and get a thorough education to help themselves in life … Soon after I taught my first class of Muslim and Hindu children in the Chillah – under a tree on two carpets from home and some chocolate as incentive.”
With the help of donations Inam Hassan soon built a very simple school with only a tin roof. The land on which the school sits belongs to his family and is situated on a hill overlooking the town of Ajmer on one side and the Ana saga lake on the other. On this hill is also the burial site of several sufi saints (the Chillah) and it is from this relationship that the school derives its name.
In 1993 the school was recognized by the state. Since then the school has added new classes year on year and new classrooms of very simple construction were provided as means allowed to acommodate the growing number of students. In the year 2001 Inam Hassan got married. His wife Amina has since worked tirelessly beside him for the wellbeing of the students and the running of the school and took on the role as Director.

School prayer

Honor, respect and dignity may remain forever.
From these thorns, this poor one may be saved forever.
Every moment may be passed in Your remembrance.
In your remembrance, this heart may be engaged forever.
This is a desire, a request, a longing and a wish:
In the hearts, the lamp of knowledge may be illumined forever.

Poverty will go away from this world, everywhere there will be peace all around.

Conductor ! Every house from the happiness may be filled forever.

Every race and sect will live together in this world.

Of fruits and flowers gardens will be loaded forever.

The Jew, Sikh, Christian, Hindu, Muslim and Zoroaster,

Together under the blue canopy will live forever.

Let this universe may not be scattered.

Lord ! This house of glass may be saved forever.

All will live ‘Inam ‘ together with love and affection.

In the heart no one will be blamed nor will complain forever.

We are delighted if you wish to support the Sufi Saint-School and / or the Friends of Sufi Saint-School Association

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